Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Please Help Psunami Victims


Contributions to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund are most welcome.

The Contribution may be sent either by cash or cheque or Demand Draft drawn in favour of "CHIEF MINISTER'S PUBLIC RELIEF FUND" addressed to :

The Joint Secretary to Government and Treasurer,
Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund,
Finance Department,
Chennai-600 009.

Receipt will be given immediately on credit of the amount contributed to the fund Account which is entitled for 100% Tax Relief under Income Tax Act 1961.

from http://www.tn.gov.in/misc/cmprf2003.htm


For those in UK from the High Commision of India, London http://www.hcilondon.net : For any enquiry on the Tsunami (seismic sea wave) that hit Tamilnadu and adjoining region, please contact at 02073796242 (High Commission of India London).


People who want to help may send bank drafts/cheques in the name Indian Red Cross Society, New Delhi. One may also deposit cash or relief material at the Delhi office.

The society is accepting everything except perishable items and used clothes.

Indian Red Cross Society,
1, Red Cross Road,
New Delhi - 110001
Phone: (011) 23716441, 23716234


Form for Donations to PMNRF

Prime Minister's National Relief Fund

Form for payment through Credit Cards

Name : ________________________________________________
( As it appears on the credit card)

Address : ______________________________________________

PIN ________________ Country ___________________

Phone ______________ (Off)__________________(Res)

Card : Diners / MasterCard / VISA / AMEX

Card No. : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Expiry Date : - - / - - - -


Amount : Rs -- US$-- Euro-- GBP-- ..........................

Currency Amount

Amount in Words : _____________________________________________________

Date of Birth : - - - - - - - -
of Card Holder DD MM YYYY

Email Address : ________________________

Please make this donation to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. I will at no stage dispute this donation and I confirm that this Credit Card belongs to me.



(As it appears on credit card).

Card holders either mail this slip to the PMNRF, Prime Minister's Office P O Box No : 5411 New Delhi 110011 or Fax this slip to FAX no 91-44-8202221.


Form for payment through Cheques & Drafts

Cheque /Draft No : ____________________

Bank Name : ____________Branch :_________

Amount : _________ Amount in Words : ___________________________________

Kindly mail your Cheques / Drafts along with this slip to the PMNRF,
Prime Minister's Office, PO Box No : 5411, New Delhi 110011.

All donations are 100% exempt under Indian Income Tax Act

Receipt for donations received shall be sent by Post..

About it
The Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, created shortly after Independence, provides immediate relief to people in distress. The Fund depends entirely on voluntary donations received from the public.

The Fund renders assistance to individuals facing distress situations. Its resources are utilised for the provision of immediate relief to the families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes. It also grants assistance to families affected by major disturbances, riots and accidents. Besides, the Fund extends assistance to indigent persons to partially defray the cost of expensive medical treatment like heart surgery, kidney transplantation and cancer treatment. Over the years, lakhs of people have received assistance from this Fund.

All contributions to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund are fully exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to the prescribed limits. Donations to the Fund are also excluded from the computation of taxable gifts under section 5 (1) (v) of the Gift Tax Act, 1958.

Contributions to the Fund can be deposited in select branches of the Central Bank of India, State Bank of India, Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Syndicate Bank and the Punjab National Bank through cheques or bank drafts in favour of the 'Prime Minister's National Relief Fund'. Receipt of the contribution will be acknowledged by the receiving bank, and the donation sent to the Fund account for deposit. Thereafter, a formal receipt for the contribution will be issued from the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. All donors should ensure that the pay-in-slip is properly filled in while making the deposit to enable the Prime Minister's Office to issue the formal receipt. The Fund does not accept contributions in kind.

Contributors who live outside India may deposit their contributions with the nearest Indian Mission or in any branch of the State Bank of India for transfer to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

Donations may also be made directly into Central Bank of India, New Delhi/Mumbai’s following accounts stating beneficiary “ Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, SB A/C with Janpath, New Delhi”.

U.S. $: A/C No. 000-03847-4 with HSBC BANK,
USA, New York.
( SWIFT Code :- MRMD US 33 )

Pound Sterling: A/C No. 203253-80412368 with,
( SWIFT Code :- BARCGB 22 )

EURO: A/C No. 4112222001 with CITI BANK,





and from the link http://in.rediff.com/news/2004/dec/27tsunami8.htm

Apart from that, Indian Americans have started organising aid efforts. The National Federation of India Organizations has already collected about $10,000 from its charitable accounts and is aiming for $100,000. Those wishing to send money toward relief efforts can do so to the following organisations:

1. BAPS Care International
Contact: Shailendra Adroja; 1-732-744-1744

Checks payable to: BAPS Care International


195, Main Street, Suite # 304


New Jersey-08840

Payments can also be made online (beginning later this afternoon, EST) at

2. Association for India's Development:

Contact: Aniruddha Vaidya, 1-650-996-8249

1-888-TALK-2-AID or (301) 422-4441

email: info@aidindia.org

Contributions to AID can be made through secure on-line credit-card deductions from AID's website (www.aidindia.org), where further details and updates will also be posted. Please indicate that your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund".

Checks payable to "AID" can be mailed to:

AID Zone 3,

P.O. Box 4801

Mountain View, CA 94040-0801

(Please indicate "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund" in the check memo)

3. The National Federation of India Organizations

Contact: Rajen Anand (703) 642-3156, (562) 537-1077

Checks (tax-deductible) will be sent to the International Red Cross for the use of ALL victims in all countries.

Checks payable to: NFIA


6912 Winter Lane,

Annandale VA 22003.

4. The Hindu Temple Society of North America

Contact: Dr Uma Mysorekar (718) 460-8484

Checks (tax deductible) payable to: The Hindu Temple Society of North America


Hindu Temple Society of North America

45-57 Bowne Street



Just when one thinks one has read about everything that happened in 2004 and can move on to 2005, along comes the 5th largest earthquake in the century and the largest in the last 40 years. And the resultant tidal waves and the flooding have caused lots of destruction. And as I write this, the full extent of the calamity is not yet known. What will be the news after a week. Will we just move on? Will this be just another addition to 2004? When nature strikes, it doesnt discriminate does it? Probably relief help would be asked. To help we need not desert our day to day lifestyle, but lets not forget to support the ngos or government.

There are people out there who need us, lets not let them down. Nature didnt distingush, why should we. We have seen the Fury of Nature, now is the time to display the Force of Human Compassion

In view of the appeal by the prime minister to all citizens to donate generously to the PMNRF to help relief and rehabilitation operations, 12 banks have been authorised to receive such donations.

They are State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Dena Bank, Syndicate Bank, Corporation Bank, Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank, Allahabad Bank and Citi Bank.

The spokesman said the donations could be made by cheque or draft in the name of the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund and sent to the Prime Minister's Office, South Block, New Delhi-110001.

The nationalised banks will not charge any commission on preparation of draft in favour of PMNRF.

Contributions could also be sent through money orders with no commission chargeable, the spokesman said adding that the contributions to PMNRF have been notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act.



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