Friday, October 29, 2004

Politics in India

In India, It is easy to point a finger & find faults in all that a Politician do. Isn’t it. Instead of finding faults we should give thoughts to why this is happening here and what should we do to make amendments.

1. Instead of finding faults, young people should enter Politics and try to improve the system. Everyone known 1-2 good people cannot make any difference but lets give a start. Remember, Everyone can make a difference.

2. To refine our Politics & Political System more and more Young, Bright and Professionally qualified - ie a person qualified in Politics as a subject - people should enter politics.

3. Politics should not be a last resort for the people who fails in all other fields.

4. It should not be a play field to criminals & Gundas. Strong laws need to be formulated to prevent such people from entering Politics.

5. In our Educational system, we must develop and employ a curriculum where the students can learn & understand our country’s Political system and in the future, if she/he finds its interesting they can be a good Politician.

We’d like to know you comments on the above. Please comment without attacking anyone personally. Comments with personal comments will be deleted from the website.


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